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Concept Treatments

Concept Treatments

Dr Norup has created this unique approach to facial rejuvenation. Using her experience she will tailor a completely bespoke treatment for you to address your specific skin requirements, combining a range of treatments and products to achieve the optimum results.

A new approach to rejuvenation

Many clients visit for specific treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections or Dermal Fillers which treat one aspect or area of the face. By combining treatments we find that we can create a balanced and far-reaching result in facial rejuvenation that our customers love.

Areas suitable for treatment include

  • Eye-area - Periorbital
  • Mouth area - perioral
  • Full or part face sculpting
  • Neck
  • D├ęcolletage
  • Hands
  • Acne scaring

Case Studies

Below are two examples of concept treatments by Dr Norup. Each client has had a number of different treatments applied according to what is required to deliver the optimum results. If a specific area of the face requires more attention then Dr Norup will focus specifically on problem areas such as crows feet and smoker's lines around the mouth. In each case a real improvement is seen.

1. Eye Area - Periorbital

Periorbital aesthetics


Kerry was very concerned with crows feet which aged her otherwise youthful looking skin.

anti-wrinkle treatment


The area was treated with ablative laser to deeply exfoliate the skin. Here you can see temporary pigmentation

crow's feet treatment


Next a potent cocktail of vitamins was injected into the skin to encourage cell regrowth.

tear trough treatment


A significant reduction in lines and wrinkles can be seen.

improve eye bags


2. Mouth Area - Perioral

Often called 'smoker's lines', it is possible to find yourself with heavy set lines around the mouth even if you don't smoke, depending on your genetics and lifestyle. Stress, sunshine and lack of good skin care can also contribute.

Perioral treatment


Lip lines are pronounced, ageing the appearance.

Reducing smokers lines


During treatment resurfacing causes some temporary discolouration, but already an improvement is seen.

Rejuvenate mouth wrinkles


Finally, the lip and mouth area looks visibly smoother and rejuvenated.

Why concept treatments?

Every client is different and has experienced different impact to the face and skin over time. By investing in a concept treatment Dr Norup can evaluate your specific concerns and create a package of treatments that when combined will deliver more than the sum of their parts. So you can look your best!

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