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Dermaroller & Microneedling

Dermaroller & Microneedling

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Dermaroller treatment for stretchmarks in Esher Surrey
Dermaroller treatment for Forehead lines and frown lines in Esher Surrey

What is Medical Dermarollring and how does it work?

The Dermaroller is a barrel-like roller with 200 tiny titanium micro needles. The needles can be of various length. The longer the needle, the deeper the penetration and the better the result. The Norup Clinic uses 1, 2 or 3 mm needles, which reach the layer where collagen and capillary growth takes place.

First a strong numbing cream is applied, which makes the treatment almost pain free. The roller is rolled across the skin and hundreds of tiny skin pricks are created. This stimulates new collagen and more capillaries. The Norup Clinic applies carefully selected serums when rolling, which results in a very high penetration, as opposed to only 0.03% of the creams penetrating the skin barrier. Using the roller and serums therefore multiplies the rejuvenating action.

As the skin heals, collagen fills the valleys of wrinkles and scars and tightens up a sagging appearance. Any abnormal pigmentation shreds off and the skin reorganises itself resulting in a much fresher and more glowing look.


Dermarolling and stamping is effective treatment for scars. It can successfully be combined with Infra Red Laser treatment and Er;YAG, Pixel laser, steriod injections and fillers.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is the most successful and most applied technique. The skin is usually prepped for two weeks prior to the rolling and for two weeks after. The rolling can be made with serums or as a dry technique.


Dermarolling and serums for stretchmarks has shown changes after four to six treatments. It can be combined with Carboxy, Infra Red Laser treatment and Er;YAG, Pixel laser treatment.

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