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Facial and Cheek Sculpting at the Norup Clinic

The Norup Clinic provides the following treatments for facial or cheek sculpting:

What is facial sculpting?

Facial sculpting can be subtle or more progressive, depending on age, volume loss and desired effect. Dermal filler injections can be done with a number of different types of fillers and in variable depths or layers of the face and the skin, depending on the effect desired. Fillers are used to plump up the face and make it look more enhanced, fresher and younger.

How is the sculpting with a dermal filler injection done?

Photos are taken prior to the treatment from various angles and options and desired effects are discussed at the pre-treatment consultation. On the day of the treatment a numbing cream is applied and in some cases a local infiltration injection with an anaesthetic (numbing injection). Once you are numb in the area to be treated, the filler is injected. The result is instant. Achieving the desired result can sometimes take a few visits whilst the look is being developed or ‘increased’ and enhanced stepwise.

What are the risks and downsides?

Bruising, pain and swelling are minimal if a small amount of sculpting is required. The bruising and swelling increases with the degree of facial sculpting. The more the change, the more time the skin to needs to adapt. The advanced treatment can be somewhat painful and uncomfortable and it may take days and weeks for the face to settle, as opposed to hours. Sometimes patients develop allergies, infections or lumps but they are very rare.

What if you do not like the result?

Facial sculpting can change proportions and create impressive rejuvenation but the end result is not always predictable. Faces are individual and artful sculptures and any changes need to have an artful touch. Sometimes there is a need for tweaking. Depending on the filler type the result can be corrected either with more filler or a diminishing injection can take out what was put in, either partially or completely.

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