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Lip Enhancement Treatment at the Norup Clinic

Lip filler for more fullness

Lips can be injected with dermal fillers, usually a hyaluronic acid type filler. There are several techniques depending on the desired result.

A soft filler can be applied in the body of the lip for more fullness or a firmer filler can be injected in the vermillion border for better definition and for a pouting effect. Two lines from the nose to the lip can also be injected in the philtrum to create that young effect.

Lip filler for smokers lines

Smoker's lines are best treated with Anti-wrinkle injections first, then filler and finally some laser resurfacing or derma stamping.

How is the lip filling done?

Photos are taken prior to the treatment and various options and desired effects are discussed at the pre-treatment consultation. On the day of treatment a strong numbing cream is applied and then the filler is injected. A dental block can be performed if desired but that tends to leave the lips more swollen and therefore an appearance that is more distorted. The filler injection takes about five minutes.

What are the risks and downsides?

Lip filler takes a bit of getting used to and therefore if it is the first time it is best injected over several visits for a slow build up. That way it will look less out of place. Lips generally swell up by touch and can easily bruise, so the first month after is one of settling in. Pain is, these days, minimal.

The Norup Clinic provides the following treatments for lip enhancement:

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