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Treatment for the Tear Trough or Under-Eye Hollow at the Norup Clinic

How can under-eye hollows be helped?

Under-eye hollows can be injected with dermal fillers, always a hyaluronic acid-based filler. There are several techniques depending on the desired result: under the muscles on the bone, medium level, or superficially. The Norup Clinic prefers the medium to superficial approach. It has less risk, less bruising and it may benefit dark under-eyes.

Which filler for under eye hollows?

Under-eye hollows are one of the most difficult and specialised areas to treat successfully. Treatment in this area also carries an element of risk, so the filler needs to be very soft, not cause lumping and blend in gently. A hydrating effect is desirable but must avoid creating a “Tindal effect” (show blue through the skin) or volumise further after the injection, which would create undesirable bags.

At The Norup Clinic we are very experienced in tear trough treatments and prefer to inject many small doses, as this gives a more natural look. When injecting crepey skin we may choose to use a hydrating thin filler or even just vitamins and a hyaluronic acid that has no cross-linking. The area under the eye contains many blood vessels so it is important to avoid any obvious veins.

How is the under eye filling done?

Photos are taken prior to the treatment and various options for the desired effect are discussed at the pre-treatment consultation. A consent form is signed outlining the risks. On the day of treatment a strong numbing cream is applied and then the filler is injected. The filler injection takes about five minutes. Most people find the thought more scary than the procedure and it is quite painless.

What are the risks?

Injections under the eye and in the frown area do have the highest risk and complication rates. It is possible to inject without bruising and more often than not that is the case but equally, should bruising happen, it can be quite difficult to disguise with makeup. The area contains feeding blood vessels to the eye and should they be injected it can in a very few cases, cause permanent blindness. This is not a complication that has happened much in the history of this treatment, but it is important to be aware. Injection technique and the experience of the practitionner lowers this risk.

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