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CPD peel can cause possible acne breakouts

ZO Skincare: CPD peel can cause possible acne breakouts

Acne outbreaks after a CPD Peel. ( Controlled depth peel)

Acne outbreaks are common after either a CPD peel or simply initiating ZO skincare. The skincare is so potent that it activates all the cells in the skin and a new rebalancing takes place.

  • FIRST RULE : Repair the barrier first ( DPD, regulate inflammation and sebum: Cebatrol, Restoracalm or Revitatrol)
  • SECOND RULE : Build Tolerance – follow fundamental 5 + Aknetrol + sulphur Mask + Spot treatment (if still needed add in Tretinoin) – Repair first and then add Retinol and all else.
  • Use Cebatrol rather than Te-Pads


  1. Oilacleanse
  2. Scrub exf polish or vitascrub
  3. Sebum reduction Te- Pads or cebratrol
  4. Alphahydroxy acid for exfoliation – glycogent
  5. Acne specific topical agents – aknetrol and sulphur masque
  6. Barrier repair and stabilising agents -daily power defence ( combo of retinol , antioxidants and anti inflammatory agents )

After the CP, this  protocol to be followed strictly!

  • Do not use anything else on your skin from any other range, the moisturisers at this stage would lead to increased sebum production
  • The sulphur masque can be used not only as a mask but as a topical spot treatment at night and leave on to sleep and wash off in the morning. The growth factor serum only around the eyes.
  • Keep well hydrated as well, 2 litres of h2o is a must .
  • Cebratrol is maybe the oil control pads to use rather than the te pads if the acne is not hat severe.

Pigment returning after using  Melamix Melamin & Tretinoin.

When the Tretinoin/HQ is stopped, the exfoliation reduces and the ” CLEAR PINK ” colour of the fresh skin changes back to a normal apricot colour  and some patients interpret this as ”PIGMENT COMING BACK”. Continue with  Brightenex 2 pumps morning and evening with your fundamental 6.

C-Bright ( Vit C) stings and feels very sore to use.

Only use after about 6 weeks,  when the BARRIER is repaired and the skin has built TOLERANCE – introducing this earlier cause severe stinging and can irritate the skin as the pH of the main ingredient – pure Ascorbic Acid 10% is very acidic around 3,2. On a raw, active acne skin this is not a great idea!


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