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Our male clients seek solutions for a range of different issues including: acne and scarring, rosacea and redness, rough skin, frown lines, double chin and jowls, to name a few...

About our male clients

We’re delighted to welcome more and more male clients to The Norup Clinic. Many arrive because they’ve seen the great results their partners or wives are achieving and want to try for themselves. Others have heard about ‘Brotox’ or want to finally tackle that age-old acne scarring. And why not? Looking good, fresh and healthy is of benefit to everyone!

The Consultation

Your visit will begin with a thorough consultation including specific issues, general skin condition, bone structure and the impact of muscle laxity depending on age. It’s a scientific process performed by Dr Norup, a skilled and experienced skin doctor with a proven track record working with male patients.

Here are just some of the issues we treat men for:

Botox for men

1) Frown lines and crow’s feet

As we age, we naturally develop lines and wrinkles. These vary from person to person depending on genetics, sun exposure and lifestyle. For some these can become very pronounced and ‘heavy set’ leading to a persistently angry, anxious or worn-out look.

2) Heavy set lines

Whilst forehead lines are a very common issue, we also see patients with deep nose-to-mouth ‘naso-labial’ lines and mouth-to-chin ‘marionette’ lines. Every face is unique!

3) Under eye hollows, bags & ‘tear troughs’

A key area for correction is the under-eye area. From bulging ‘bags’ to dark hollows, we can correct the effects of ageing to restore a natural and more youthful appearance.


Dr Norup will recommend and discuss the options with you.

  • Advanced skincare products – high strength retinol to stimulate skin cell regrowth.
  • Botox wrinkle relaxing treatments – in moderation, (no one wants to look frozen-faced) used to relax and lift opposing muscles relieving the frown and furrows.
  • Dermal fillers – used in moderation to restore the original facial volume which depletes with age. This improves the facial structure providing a natural-looking lift which reduces wrinkling and sagging in the process.

4) Double Chin

The causes of a double chin vary and may be caused by genetics, the ageing process or weight gain. This results in the lower face losing contour, volume and definition. If you have a smaller chin this is particularly prone to the onset of the double chin effect as skin loosens and fat forms beneath the chin area. An initial consultation will allow Dr Norup to establish the reasons and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

5) Jowls

After the age of 40, jowls can begin to form as facial volume diminishes and the effects of gravity start to take their toll causing the skin to begin to bag each side of the jaw.


Some possible treatment options:

  • Belkyra – Fat dissolving injections destroy fat cells which pass out of the body naturally over the course of the next 6 weeks.
  • HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) – a device passed over the skin to lift and tighten the lower face, chin and neck.
  • Dermal filler used strategically to replace lost volume in the upper face, subtly lifting the cheeks and jowls, thus reducing lower face sagging.
  • Silhouette Soft Thread Lift – Using intra-dermal surgical threads to create a non-surgical lift

6) Acne and acne scarring

If you’ve had acne either in your youth or throughout your life, you’ll very likely have the scarring associated with this. Pitted skin, uneven texture or enlarged pores are the obvious clues. All of these can be treated, to reduce acne breakouts, reduce/repair scarring and improve overall skin health.

7) Rosacea and Redness

If you have struggled with redness, rosy cheeks, blushing/flushing, swollen bumps and perhaps a burning sensation, you may well have rosacea. We have seen real success in reducing, calming and significantly improving symptoms with in-clinic treatments and at-home prescription skincare.


The best results are achieved using a range of treatments according to your needs:

  • Microneedling – targeted deep skin rejuvenation for scar reduction
  • PRX T33 Skin Rejuvenation – a course of deep facials to boost the skin from within promoting scar healing and ski health
  • ZO Skin Health – use-at-home products for day to day acne calming and control
  • LED light therapy to reduce bacteria and inflammation

Look your best

Whatever your concern, be that a skin condition or the effects of ageing, we’re here to help. If you’d simply like to learn more and discuss options as a first step, then our thorough Consultation provides insights and answers with a recommended treatment plan. The Clinic is discreet and confidential with a convenient car park just a few steps away.

Call 01372 465 277  to book your consultation

Mens double chin treatment

A reassuringly professional, personal and effective service

The Norup Clinic offers a bespoke service, by appointment only, at our Clinic in Esher, Surrey.