New patient consultations for aesthetics treatments

Your visit to the Norup Clinic begins with an initial consultation.
There are 4 consultation options depending on what you would like to address:


1/2 HOUR – £75

An initial assessment and discussion of options for straightforward relatively simple and localised treatments. For example, anti-wrinkle/lifting treatment (Botox®), lip filler, hyper-hidrosis, bruxism, gummy smile, double chin/sub-mental fullness fat reduction, mole, nose reshape or for hair loss and thinning.

What it includes

We assess any medical contraindications and we explain the outcome and cost. Any past experiences and individual wants are taken into consideration. For example for Botox®, whether a strong, medium or soft result is wanted in relation to lines and lift. If new to this treatment a gentle introduction is considered.

This appointment does not include a written plan. Upon your consent and careful consideration, treatment can follow immediately or at another appointment…


1 HOUR – £150

Our signature Skin Health Consultation assesses the health of your skin, taking into account your skin type and any pathological conditions such as Rosacea, Acne or pigmentation, laxity, skin firmness or level of inflammation. Also any texture problems such as wrinkles, open pores, scars, uneven or crêpey skin and how your skin is ageing relative to your age.


Looking fresh-faced and radiant starts with healthy strong skin. We document the health of your skin, evaluating lifestyle, nutrition, genetics and skin type, taking into account the outcome of previous skincare and treatments. Based on this, we prescribe a medical-strength skincare regime and a sequence of in-clinic skin facials, peels, microneedling and laser treatments, including injectable skin boosters and bio-stimulation treatments, to restore and enhance skin health.


Based on the assessment and report, you will receive your individualised Norup Clinic Skin Programme. This consists of a prescribed sequence of skin treatments, tailored to your specific skin health level and correction needs. It also includes a detailed skincare recommendation and guidance for outcome optimisation.

The programme has cleverly been designed to safely and predictively lead you through a series of progressively stronger skin treatments and supporting home care products. Additionally, for maximum gain and consistency, we have created a Skin Health Contract, where you CAN select a monthly facial/peel, chosen from your programme, for a much reduced price. Finally, the consultation includes a follow-up appointment after 4 weeks, where we check the effects of your new skincare regime, suggest additional products and answer any questions.


1 HOUR – £150

This is an extensive and in depth assessment of your face, neck and decolletage, designed to analyse all levels of your facial structure, including the bones, muscles, deep and superficial fat compartments, ligaments and fascias. It also evaluates the facial movements, expressions, jaw relations, balance and function.

What it includes

As we age, the face changes shape, due to structural or volumetric changes through the layers. The foundation of volume becomes depleted, leading to sagging, tissue sliding and loss of contour. This in turn leads to a change in how the muscles interact and how the ligaments hold the face in shape. There is a considerable change of expression and overall function.

We look at how lifestyle, nutrition, hormones, exercise, genetics and other factors are affecting your structure, function and ageing. We discuss the elements of what holds up the shape of your face and how we can improve or prevent it for a better outcome on all levels. Maintaining or improving your natural looks, expression and function is the ultimate goal and requires extensive experience, professional expertise and a high level of artistic sensitivity.


From this assessment, you will receive a comprehensive, bespoke, treatment plan with in detail recommendations for your facial sculpting and muscle-relaxing techniques to redefine structure, restore volume and balance movement/expression. It includes a follow-up appointment, within 2 weeks, to discuss the treatment plan and any questions you may have.


1 HOUR – £350

Our new range of body treatments is designed to target particular body health areas for optimum self-care, health and wellness.

What it includes

The appointment will cover specific body issues that you would like to address. This might include: weight loss, metabolic health, glucose monitoring and an anti-inflammatory diet, functional medicine, blood & DNA screening, hormones, body-skin texture, laxity and cellulite, mole removal, stubborn fat and localised fat reduction.


From this assessment, you will receive a personalised, written treatment plan to address the key areas that you would like to focus on. We aim to provide a considered, informed and effective solution, so you can feel confident about your choices. Includes a follow-up appointment within 2 weeks, to discuss your plan and answer any questions you may have.


The Norup Clinic has developed a unique approach to aesthetics that creates beautiful, natural-looking results that can be sustained over time.