Herbal Medicine

Anita Graham, Medical Herbalist at the Norup clinic

Anita completed her BSc Degree in Herbal Medicine in 2001 and has been in continuous practise since then. She is a member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists and follows a strict Code of Ethics.

Anita Graham medical herablist

Over the years Anita has gained a particular interest in helping patients with:

  • All stages and symptoms of Menopause
  • Nervous system support: Anxiety, Stress, mild to moderate Depression,
  • Sleep issues
  • Gynae complaints, Menstrual irregularities, PMS, period pain, endometriosis, PCO(S) etc
  • Digestive complaints ie. IBS, indigestion, etc
  • Immune health: colds, flu, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, cystitis, hay fever, etc.
  • Post-viral support & recovery
  • Migraine, hypertension, arthritis, skin issues, general well-being
  • Child/Teen health

(This list is not exhaustive, please enquire if you have any questions about other health issues).

A Medical Herbalist works collaboratively with the patient, providing an emphasis on looking at and treating root causes where possible, aiming to alleviate symptoms to help restore health and balance. Medical Herbalists are trained to advise on herb/drug interactions and can work alongside other forms of medicines and therapies. Anita says,

consultations give patients the opportunity to be listened to properly, taking time to discuss health concerns with in-depth evaluation followed by tailor-made herbal prescriptions for each individual.”

During the consultation Anita will discuss your current health issues, as well as previous medical history and lifestyle, including sleep, family health history, medication, diet and functioning of all the bodily systems. The initial consultation lasts for 60 minutes after which Anita will write a bespoke herbal prescription which will be dispensed at her herbal dispensary in Tunbridge Wells and will be posted out to you the following day.

The herbal prescription normally consists of a mixture of high-quality practitioner-strength tinctures (herbal extracts in an alcohol and water base) specially devised for the patient. Alternatively (or additionally), glycerites, capsules, herbal teas or bespoke creams may be prescribed as required.

A follow-up consultation will be booked for around 2-4 weeks later. Follow-ups last 30 minutes. Follow-up appointments ensure you are on the right track with your treatment and give the opportunity to address any queries and help establish the next mode of action if required regarding any prescription alterations and dosages to ensure you are on course with treatment.

A Note on Menopause

A fairly high percentage of Anita’s patients seek help for all stages and symptoms of menopause. Bespoke and holistic Herbal Medicine offers a natural and effective alternative to HRT but can also help alongside it if required. Herbal medicines and essential nutritional elements can assist with optimal bone and cardiovascular health during menopause and beyond.  At all the various stages of the menopause Herbal Medicines strengthen and support the nervous system and gut function, assist the liver and endocrine system, and help improve hormonal balance leading to greater well-being.

When the right herbs are prescribed at the correct dose, herbal medicine can really help with changes in mood, tolerance levels, anxiety, palpitations and sleep issues. It can reduce or remove the incidence of hot flushes, night sweats and joint aches and help the gut and liver function well to metabolise hormones more effectively, improving balance overall. Every woman experiences menopause differently so the herbal medicines are always prescribed for the individual.


Your consultation will begin with a one-to-one assessment, addressing your concerns, general health, lifestyle and any issues you are experiencing. Call 01372 465 277 or to book Online, see Functional Health – Medical Herbalist Consultation