The Jawline

Treating the jaw area

With age the natural fat compartments in the face change shape and fullness, collagen production decreases and the face loses volume, leading to jowls, nasolabial ‘sausage’ and marionette folds. Beyond this, the skin beneath the chin can droop and a double chin may form.

Typical concerns

  • Loss of definition to the jawline
  • Formation of jowls
  • Slackening of skin beneath the chin
  • Double chin
  • Proportion and shape
  • Feminising or masculinising

Concept Treatments

Treatment involves adding or taking away volume in the different fat compartments and strengthening the bone and ligaments, to restore fullness and effectively ‘lift’ the face. Dr Norup has many tools to enhance and restore a firmer jawline, from non-invasive skin treatments to more deep-reaching thread lifts which help to build structure beneath the skin and techniques, to stimulate and encourage natural collagen production.

Your consultation

We recommend an initial consultation and assessment so that Dr Norup can see your current facial concerns and determine the best course of treatment to treat a sagging jawline. Each person is unique and we all age at different rates so it’s important to have the right kind of treatment at the right time. Why not call 01372 465 277 and book your assessment today


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