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HIFU non-surgical facelift and skin tightening


HIFU is a truly remarkable breakthrough in technology, offering a non-invasive alternative to surgery.

Known as the non-surgical facelift, the technique can also be used on the body to tighten and lift loose and sagging skin, whilst stimulating new collagen growth.

What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It uses the power of ultrasound to safely lift and tighten the skin on the face, neck and body. Ultrasound is a form of energy that is significantly different than light such as IPL and Lasers or Electrical (Radio-Frequency) energy. HIFU protects the skin surface whilst precisely penetrating at deeper levels and higher temperatures than Radio Frequency for example, treating beyond the dermis and foundation layers of the skin, where structural weakening starts.

How Does It Work?

HIFU Surrey, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (Ultherapy)The aim of HIFU is to target energy into the deep, structural tissues and muscles, restoring collagen and creating a tightening effect. Gradually the skin and tissue memory is revived.

HIFU safely destroys tissue via a process called coagulative necrosis, which is when heat produced from the ultrasound is absorbed into the tissue. The tissue is heated to an optimal temperature between 65-70 degrees and a focused energy at 4.5 and 3.0 mm depths bypasses the uppermost layer of skin.

When HIFU is used on the body it works to destroy the fat cells by targeting the fat directly and then the body naturally removes the eradicated fat via your liver due to natural lymphatic circulation, giving one a more contoured, thinner and tighter skin in the area treated.

The Step-By-Step Process

  • Any makeup is removed.
  • Gel is applied to the area that is to be treated and the ultrasonic device is passed over the skin.
  • A single area can take 30-40 minutes, whereas a full face and neck treatment can take up to 90 minutes.
  • For the face, results don’t tend to show until 2-8 weeks after the treatment and the treatment itself can last from 6 months to 1-2 years.
  • Please note that factors such as lifestyle, age and diet can affect how long the treatment lasts.


What are the Most Common Areas People use HIFU On?

non-invasive, non-surgical facelift

  • Tightening cheeks
  • Sharpening the jowls
  • Sharpening the jawline
  • Brow lift
  • Improving chin outline
  • Reducing wrinkles on neck
  • Stomach
  • Inner/outer thighs
  • Back
  • Upper arms
  • Wrinkles around the eyes


The Advantages of HIFU

Firstly, it’s a non-invasive treatment, in other words, it doesn’t require surgery. Secondly, no harmful radiations are used therefore surrounding areas are left undisturbed. Furthermore, HIFU goes deeper into the tissue compared to lasers and focuses more on the targeted area, this is known as the triple layer lifting effect system, which, works to renew the skin faster. Finally, due to the sophisticated and exact focusing technology, HIFU has proven to be a very efficient technique

 Possible Short-term Side Effects

  • Reddening of the skin during the procedure but this will disappear within a couple hours
  • During the treatment, you may feel a tingling sensation
  • There can be temporary slight swelling, minor bruising and numbness
  • Slight discomfort after treatment but this disappears

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