The Neck Area

Treating the neck area

After the mid 40s, the neck begins to age along with the face and other areas exposed to sunlight. We first notice horizontal neck bands beginning to appear and then as time passes these can become more pronounced around the collar bones. Coupled with the beginnings of a double chin and you may start to feel that gravity is against you and the effect is adding years to your appearance.

Typical concerns

  • Horizontal lines or neck bands
  • Vertical neck lines – platysmal  bands
  • Crepey or slack skin
  • Uneven skin tone and pigmentation
  • Slimness/shape

Creative Treatments

The skin on the neck is quite delicate and must be treated with care, added to this there are many muscles in the neck region which must be treated with respect. We an apply treatments that slightly relax the muscles in the neck, or which rejuvenate the skin along bands and lines to lift, smooth and generally improve appearance.

Your consultation

Dr Norup will make an assessment and talk through the available treatments for the neck area and recommend any other secondary treatments that can help maintain your decolletage, neck and chin. Call 01372 465 277 to book your consultation or arrange a free preliminary call to discuss your ideas.


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