Results – Jaw line definition

One of the key areas for treatment for men is under the chin where dropping skin can cause the jaw to lose definition, leading eventually to a double chin.

Rejuvenation of the jawline/chin area

Name Aaron
Age 40s


Aaron had noticed that his jawline was beginning to progressively lose definition once he passed 40. In other ways, he was still happy with his appearance, but the big concern was the soft skin under the chin beginning to droop – the beginnings of the dreaded double chin!


Dr Norup prescribed a series of treatments designed to first dissolve the fat that was forming in the under the chin area. This was achieved using an injectable which causes the fat to gradually dissolve and dissipate naturally. This took 3 incremental treatments with results clearly visible after 3 months. High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) was then applied to tighten and lift the skin. 

Double chin before treatment

Before: Loose skin under chin is noticeable

Double chin front view - before

Before: Jawline has lost definition

Double chin side view before treatment

Before: Left side view

Double chin after treatment

After: Right side view, definition is improved

jawline definition treatment

After: Jawline definition is now restored

double chin reduction

After: Right side view – a clear improvement


The outcome is a reduction in the fat layer and the loose skin under the chin, restoring a nice clean definition to the jawline – which immediately looks sharper and more youthful too.

Great, I certainly notice the difference when I’m shaving, which is about the only time I look in the mirror. My wife thinks I’m better looking than before – can only be good news…”

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