Results – Lip Augmentation

Lips are a key part of our facial make up and facial expression. Lips naturally thin with age, but are easy to treat with a range of fillers to produce subtle to voluptuous results.

Lip Enhancement

Name Jessica
Age 20s


Like many women of her generation, Jessica pays particular attention to her looks: long lashes, defined brows and voluptuous lips are big part of this look. Lashings of mascara and semi-permanent eyebrow stencilling are easily done…but getting lips right is a fine art!


There are several different approaches to lip fillers and lip augmentation depending on the natural shape and fullness of your lips. We also choose fillers very specifically to suit the end results wanted and can achieve just a subtle lifting of the lipe line – the ‘vermillion’ border – or a fuller pout

expert lip fillers

beautiful lips

lip augmentation

The images shown are before and immediately after treatment.
Lips are visibly fuller and more defined. There is some minor swelling and redness from the treatment which will naturally reduce in 24 – 48hrs to give a beautiful, natural-looking result. 

Treatment Results

Dr Norup applied two different fillers (Belotero & Juvederm) to first enhance the lip line, giving it more definition, and then filling out the lips to give a fuller ‘pout’. (The images show the effect immediately after treatment when the lips are naturally still a little swollen. This reduces in a day or two to give a more subtle and very pleasing result).

Norup Clinic Reviews

I was a bit nervous about how painful it might be and not wanting my lips to be too huge… Mette used dental anaesthetic so I couldn’t feel a thing. My lips were a bit tingly and swollen for about 24 hours and then perfect. I love the results.”

A reassuringly professional, personal and effective service

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