Results – Mouth area (Perioral)

The mouth is quite a mobile area and therefore prone to lines and wrinkles. As we get past 40 we start to lose muscle mass and tone leading to sagging in the mid face and all of the issues that result from this.

Rejuvenation of the Mouth Area

Name Tara
Age 50s


Tara visited the Norup Clinic because she wanted to address the wrinkles appearing around her mouth, in particular, what are often referred to as ‘smokers lines’ or ‘barcodes’, the vertical lines that appear around the lips. This can happen even if you’re not a smoker due to natural ageing, genetics and muscle movements such as pursing the lips. The natural lip line had become lost definition and lipstick didn’t sit along the edge, it seeped into the surrounding skin. Lips were dry with deep lines.


The first step was to attend to the vertical lip lines with a delicate treatment of soft, fine dermal filler. This was followed by a skilful application to the lip line – the vermillion border – to redefine the lip shape naturally restoring a subtly fuller appearance without the full blown effect of lip-fillers and more sympathetic to the age of the client. The lips were finished with just a touch of soft filler to balance out the shape … creating perfect lips.

Before: Obvious vertical lines around the lips.
Lips have lost natural volume and the lip line is weak and lacks definition.

mouth area treatment - next day

Next morning: Lips are still slightly swollen but already you can see that the vertical lines have disappeared!

mouth area rejuvenation after

3 days later:  Swelling and minor bruising have disappeared leaving the mouth area clearly rejuvenated, lips restored and more youthful – a perfect result.


The results are down to the choice of treatments applied, but above all, the technique, skill and experience of Dr Norup. Shaping the lips is a matter of aesthetic understanding and knowledge of how the different products will behave to give just the right touch.

I am super happy with the results of this treatment, I can’t quite believe it when I look in the mirror. Although there was a couple of days downtime visually (no actual discomfort or pain), it was well worth it for the outcome. I think it’s made my whole face look significantly younger. Amazing! Thoroughly recommended.”

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