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Plasma Shower for beautiful skin

Innovative Plamsa skin treatment arrives at The Norup Clinic

As we get older our skin changes due to internal and external influences, but we can always do something to counterbalance the unavoidable effects of life, to revive your skin and restore a natural healthy glow. At the Norup Clinic staying on top of the latest technologies and innovative treatments is paramount.

Dr Norup has recently introduced Plasma Shower to her Clinic in Surrey. The treatment uses cutting-edge technology to offer a NEEDLELESS non-surgical and no downtime treatment.  This new revolutionary treatment uses low-temperature atmospheric plasma to gently open the cell walls of the skin simultaneously sterilising the skin and destroying any acne causing bacteria. By doing this it enhances the absorption of anything placed on the skin afterwards by 120% allowing a super-charged treatment when combined with mesotherapy cocktails, growth factors and serums.


  • Tones, lifts and helps wrinkles in the skin by regeneration of collagen and elastin.
  • Treats acne and Rosacea by reducing sebum and inflammation and sterilisation of bacteria.
  • Pigmentation and Melasma reduction.
  • Plasma introduces TDDS (TRANSDERMAL DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM) and creates a pain free absorption through the skin of active serums for up to 12 hours.
  • Treats stretchmarks.
  • Pain free and pleasant
  • No down time or adverse effects.
  • Long term effect.


THE CONCEPT OF PLASMA  – Fourth State of Matter 

Action: Sublimation, a solid turns into gas without going through the liquid stage, thereby causing; Sterilisation, Tightening and Improving Skin Elasticity, with Ablative and Non-ablative plasma.

  • Plasma, which is an ionized gas that has an electrical energy, works throughout the skin, from the epidermis, deep into the dermis
  • As the electrical energy flows from the external to the internal, its intensity changes with its flow and induces different effects on different parts of the skin.
  • Unlike Laser, it does not impact skin, blood or epidermal tissue, while having an outstanding effect on skin treatments, sterilization, absorption, skin regeneration, anti-pigmentation and increasing skin elasticity.


The Plasma Shower treatments at The Norup Clinic

  • SIMPLE PLASMA SHOWER WITH active mesotherapy serums, HA mask and LED
  • WOW PLASMA PROFACIAL  – Combines a HA Succinic anti ageing and anti pigmentation gel and HA mask
  • UNIQUE GROWTH FACTOR PLASMA PROFACIAL – Combines a highly concentrated snail secretion growth factor treatment and add on home serums and creams
  • STEMCELL PLASMA PROFACIAL – Combines an extremely potent stem cell serum with take home serum and creams
  • PROFHILO PLASMA PROFACIAL – Combines the latest game changers in the industry: Profhilo & Viscoderm serum, cream & SPF as well as Viscoderm pearls containing collagen, Q-10 Pycnogenol (French Maritime Pine  Extract.Bark)

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