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Professional home facial kit

The ZO At Home Facial

Advanced Skincare at Home

There is so much you can do to care for your skin at home. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the ZO Restoration at Home Facial which improves overall skin health for a clear complexion.

Getting Skin Ready


This set includes skin cleansing products designed to wash, scrub and ‘control’ oiliness. It forms the basis of your skincare routine and includes the wonderful Daily Power Defense cream for aftercare and on-going treatment.


ZO Complexion Clearing Masque

A deep-pore, medicated cleansing masque for treating oily or acne skin. This masque absorbs surface oils, exfoliates dead skincells and removes dirt and debris that can block pores.


ZO Enzymatic Peel

ZO Enzymatic Peel

Provides enzymatic and chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and provide cellular turnover.
Replenishes hydration and lipids for skin barrier restoration and reinforcement.



How to use your at home facial

Once you have your ZO products, begin by getting your skin ready with cleanse, scrub and tone and then follow with the ZO Complexion Clearning Masque, leave for 10-15 min and rinse thoroughly, follow with the ZO Complexion Renewal Pads (included in the GSR Kit) and then apply the ZO Enzymatic Peel and leave overnight.

Phone consultations
If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact Dr Norup for a phone consultation. Book your call via email or text 07496 820 854

Order online
Once you have had an initial phone consultation, or if you are an existing customer you can order all of your skincare online and have it delivered directly to your home, just email us at or text 07496 820 854.