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The Organic Approach to Beautiful Skin

Dr Norup’s ‘Organic’ Skin Booster Formula

Healthy skin from the inside out

This week, we focus on the different treatments available to stimulate the body’s own organic production of collagen and elastin, which gradually decreases from the mid-20s onwards. This is one of the key causes of ageing, along with exposure to sunlight.

1) BASELINE SKINCARE  – For naturally vibrant and glowing skin
ZO prescription skin care

It is essential to use high quality, active skincare products. Unfortunately, most everyday products are generic and over-moisturise the skin reducing the natural balance, making the skin ‘lazy’.

ZO skincare is formulated to activate and stimulate the skin. It is available by prescription only so a consultation is required to understand your skin type, and identify any issues such as rosacea, acne and pigmentation. We define a bespoke solution especially for you, to restore your skins natural barrier and promote strong, healthy skin, that looks great.

To book a phone or online skin consultation and receive your prescription for beautiful skin, contact:

2) INJECTABLE SKIN BOOSTERS  – Natural products, minimally invasive procedure

By injecting small quantities of organic substances into the skin layers we can stimulate the skin’s natural response to generate collagen and elastin.

Profhilo and viscoderm to boost your skin

An injectable hyaluronic acid that hydrates and directly and organically stimulates all collagen types including elastin. Profhilo does not create any volume (such as dermal fillers do) but spreads as a fine layer within the skin. Nor does it contain any chemicals – it is completely organinc and pure.

This is also an injectable hyaluronic acid that, as the name suggests, hydrates and boosts the skin to help reduce fine lines. It is applied directly to lines and wrinkles in targeted areas and has inherent elasticity to plump and smooth the skin, whilst allowing natural movement. Again it is completely organic and pure.

3) SKIN PEELS  – For a deeper reaching effect
Skin peels

When skin is blemished, pigmented and uneven, often the best place to start is with a skin peel to quickly remove the top layer(s) to reveal healthier, brighter skin. Peels also work brilliantly to improve wrinkles and skin laxity. Peels available include:
– Light
– Medium
– Deep
– Microneedling / ablative laser / IPL

These are applied depending on what is needed to achieve the best result.

4) SKIN BOOSTING FACIALS  – Supplement your treatments with regualar facials
plasma facial

We recommend our medi-spa facials as an on-going treatment to keep your skin in tip top condition.

Our signature, plasma facial, is a multi-layer treatment designed to cleanse and stimulate. It includes:
– Deep ‘water jet’ cleanse to remove dead skin and sebum from the pores
– Plasma device is applied to lift, firm and stimulate
– Application of potent mesotherapy serums
– Either ultrasound, radiotherapy or CACI to enhance the penetration and to firm/lift
– Deep hydration face masque
– LED light treatment to heal, reduce inflamation and calm the skin

6) NUTRITION & SUPPLEMENTS  – Support collagen production in the skin

viscoderm collagen
Great Lakes Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our skin, hair, nails, joints and muscles and it makes up about 80% of our dermis, which also contains elastin. Collagen production decreases early in our 20s. We lose about 1% every year and UV plus tobacco activate the enzymes that degrade collagen. Taking hydrolysed collagen or collagen peptides orally can boost our collagen stores.

Research shows that collagen supplements improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, boost skin hydration and increase the density of the fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen and elastin) and it also helps the skin barrier function. The effect takes about 8-12 weeks to take effect.



Using selected products and treatments to boost the skin in an organic way is the way forward for low-impact anti-ageing treatments. They are something we can include in our skincare routine progressively from an early age, to ensure we continue to look our best as we age.

We are currently offering phone or online (facetime) skincare consultations, so you can get professional advice and start your ZO programme now. Email to arrange a time.

The cost for this detailed review, (you can also send photos), is just £25 during the coronavirus lockdown and ZO products can be delivered to your home via mail order.