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Unique Eyes – TNC Treatments Explained

It takes a holistic approach and the use of a variety of techniques to rejuvenate the delicate eye area.

As we age, this area is often the first part of the face to really show ageing. Thankfully, innovation in aesthetics continues and we now have a number of tools to help keep this area looking its best.

Let’s explore some of the issues that we see as the eye area ages:

  • Dark Circles (pigmentation, redness caused by blood / haemoglobin, shadows / shadow caused by hollowness
  • Eye bags / laxity / puffy / herniation / lymphatic drainage / fat pad
  • Fine lines and wrinkles / crepey skin
  • Eyelid ptosis
  • Tear trough / hollowness
  • Sad eyes
  • Angry eyes
  • Upper lid not showing the iris
  • Lower lid not showing the iris
  • Scleral show, when the eyes show the white under the iris and looks lazy
  • Lateral canthos down turned
  • Orbital Retaining ligament tight due to ptosis
  • Zygomatic Retaining ligament tight due to ptosis
  • Ocular Rosacea

Because no two people are the same, it is required to treat every individual according to their individual needs and choose the correct course of treatment. At The Norup Clinic, we offer a wide variety of treatment options.

Plasma Facial £250

Add on peri-orbital or peri-oral plasma (meso-cocktail: Light Eyes / Calecim / pigmentation cocktail ) £95
Add on WOW Fusion all face incl eyes: £195

Biostimulator Injectable Treatment

Sunekos, Jalupro, Nucleofill Bio-stimulators organically enhance the skin’s factory cells to produce more collagen, elastin and GAGs (glyco-amino-glycans). These are more potent than mesotherapy cocktails. They may also treat fascias and ligaments. This treatment creates natural thickening and tightening of the skin.

Single: From £375
Course of 4: From £1200

Biostimulator Peel Treatment (full face incl eye area)

The new PRX T33, a TCA peel which is also a bio-stimulator, can be applied in this area and help pigmentation, laxity, fine lines and wrinkles.

Single: £350
Course of 5: £995


Regulates muscle function to lift or reduce activity of crows feet or tear trough area / retaining ligament.

1 area: £275
2 areas: £350
3 areas: £425

Dermal Filler

Injectable dermal fillers help tighten the upper and lower eyelid. It can reduce scleral show, the down turned corner of the eye, and under eye hollows or tear troughs. Dermal fillers may be injected directly to reduce the hollow area or/and in the surrounding tissues for indirect support.

Single (brow or under eye): £475
4cc: £1600

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

An excellent adjunct to the filler correction. Small thin threads with cones are placed above the eyebrow, the cones subsequently hold and lift the brow.
(This treatment has a 4-5 days down time).

2 threads: £1475

Focal Texture Treatment

Treats: Texture, pigmentation, haemosiderin retention, crepey skin, laxity and eyebags.

WOW Fusion / Microneedling / Pixel
Stand alone: £195
Course of 3: £450

Sesderma Focal Peel for Pigmentation:
Single: £195
Course of 3: £450


To reduce and tighten the upper or lower eyelid and eyebrow
Also called: FELC or PLEXR

Per 30min session: £975

Skincare is always the first step to treatment. Utilising the right Medical Grade skincare to combat pigmentation and laxity / wrinkles is an essential step. The Norup Clinic only uses top-rated Medical Grade skincare brands that have proven results.

For more information on any of these treatments contact us at the clinic:

Call: 01372 465 277


We look forward to welcoming you in our clinic.