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Bio-stimulators Light Eyes

Rejuvenation for the Eye Area

Part IV in our NEW PROTOCOL Series

Bio-stimulators and Rejuvenation for the Eye Area.

Our eyes are one of the first things people see when they look at us!

The skin around our eyes is very delicate and must be treated with care. As we age, this area is often the first part of the face to really show ageing. Thankfully, innovation in aesthetics continues and we now have a number of tools to help keep this area looking its best.

At The Norup Clinic, we offer a wide range of options to keep the delicate eye area looking fresh, natural, and wrinkle-free.

Let’s explore some of our Bio-stimulators Courses.


Light Eyes:

It is a specially formulated cocktail of hyaluronic acid, ruscosides, vitamin C and antioxidants which is designed to improve microcirculation, cutaneous elasticity and drainage in the periocular area. Light eyes also treats dark brown, reddish colour under the eyes due to haemoglobin.

Light eyes can be very effective treating:

  • Swelling / bags above and below the eyes
  • Dark circles – especially under the eyes
  • Dry Skin and small wrinkles prematurely appearing in early 30’s
  • Loss of tissue elasticity

Bio-stimulators Light Eyes

A common question we often get; Why do we get water retention and swelling under the eyes? Well, this can happen due to a variety of reasons. More often because of poor circulation in the area, medications, nutrition, blocked tear ducts/ problems with sinuses or even capillaries leaking fluid (stasis), and too much salt consumption.

Light Eyes Treatment Package

Course of 4 sessions, each 30mins.

Price £1200

Jalupro Classic Eyes / Sunekos Performa

What it does and how:

  • Amino acids, which are key building blocks for collagen and elastin production
  • Increased fibroblast activity and stimulation of new collagen and elastin
  • Rejuvenation and re-organisation of the structure of the dermis
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, restoring hydration
  • Physiological activation and increased metabolisation in the skin

Treatment areas:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles around the eyes.
  • The eye area upper and lower, lip lines, forehead, neck area, and under nourished skin
  • Volume loss

Jalupro Classic Eyes
Sunekos Performa

(Images taken 4-days after Sunekos Performa)

Jalupro Classic Eyes / Sunekos Performa Treatment Package

Course of 4 sessions, each 30 mins

Price £1200

Nucleofill Soft Eyes

This is a gel composed of high density, low molecular weight polynucleotide chain, which allows for a fast tissue response and effective stimulation. It is developed with a highly purified Polynucleotide matrix, enabling active processes of bio-regeneration in the skin, both at deeper levels but also in the dermis. This product can also be injected as a pre- and post-surgical treatment, such as Blepharoplasty, and laser treatments.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Tightening of laxity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dark circles
  • Volume loss
  • Brighter appearance

Nucleofill Soft Eyes

Nucleofill Soft Eyes Treatment Package

Course of 4 sessions, each of 30 mins

Price £1600

Eyes Bespoke 1

Course of 4 sessions

Price £1400

2 Nucleofill soft, 2 Biostimulator of choice (Jalupro or Sunekos Performa)

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