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The Norup Skin Health Programme For Healthy Skin!

As we age, our skin’s cells turn over less rapidly than they did when we were younger. With this slower cell replacement, our skin may begin to appear dull and its texture may appear to be different. The collagen and elastin fibers that provide the supporting structure of the skin start to weaken and unravel so that the skin’s elasticity diminishes. As the largest organ and one that everyone can see, it’s important that it is cared for properly.

Recognising what healthy skin looks like it’s important;

  • Even in Color: This means normal healthy pigmentation. Original skin types: white, black and Asian that have not been genetically mixed are more stable compared to mixed races, which will have more pigmentation problems. Harmful pigmentation can increase with added sebum in the skin, sun damage, and chemical and physical exposure.
  • Smooth Texture: Effective exfoliation that creates soft and gelatinous Keratin as opposed to rough looking skin, which means hard keratin, which is often misinterpreted as dry. Dull skin simply looks dull if there is an excess amount of dead skin cells on the surface.
  • Hydration: Skin can only be hydrated with a strong barrier function and with sufficient natural moisturising factors. UV sun damage and sebum break down the skin barrier and the hydration leaks out. In addition, poor cellular function in the dermis results in insufficient water retention.
  • Firmness and Tightness: Plenty of collagen type 1 and elastin. If there is little or no collagen or elastin the skin is lax. UV damage destroys collagen and elastin and if not applied correctly, some laser procedures result in the formation of the wrong collagen type. Type 3 collagen is the same as scar tissue. It is hard and tight, not soft and spongy.
  • Tolerance: Strong barrier function with proper cell function, a low amount of free radicals and free of inflammation.
  • Free of Clinical Disease: Most common ‘diseases’ include Acne, Rosacea, Melasma, and Hyperplastic Sebaceous Glands (excessive amount of oil production)
  • Even Contour: A full and spongy looking skin due to plenty of lovely spongy collagen and hydration. A healthy epidermis and dermis. Good fat content (nutrition without sugars and alcohol) means that the fat compartments in the face (or body) stores in a balanced way.
We have all done things that can damage our skin, but there is much we can do to turn that around.

Skincare is always the first step to treatment. Utilising the right Medical Grade skincare to combat pigmentation and laxity / wrinkles is an essential step. The Norup Clinic only uses top-rated Medical Grade skincare brands that have proven results.

Beyond use-at-home skincare products, we can work on enhancing and nurturing your skin. Much can be done to improve your skin quality using proven products and techniques, according to your skin type, age and any pre-existing conditions. We have devised what we call The Norup Skin Health Program to help our customers to get skin healthy and look their absolute best.

The Norup Skin Health Program targets skin pathologies, antiageing, skin tone /pigmentation, texture/scarring, laxity/firming and peri-orbital oral lines pigment.

Through the use of a variety of tools and treatments, we will design a skin program that is unique to each patient. We also offer our patients the convenience of signing up for a pay-monthly program. The program allows the patient to choose from a range of high-level treatments during the 12 months, depending on the skin condition.

The patient also has the option to choose “pay as you go” for more intense corrective “laser” treatments, where needed ( severe skin pathologies and ageing/scarring etc.), .and more intense corrective in-clinic peels for specific skin problems.

As a lateral runway, we offer intensive injectable biostimulator courses.
This program offers stability in treatment frequency and cost and ensures a transparent outcome; this, combined with free in-clinic continued medical skincare advice, ensures the home journey stays on target.

Ask us about our skin treatment plans!

healthy skin

What’s involved in our skin consultation process:

Your consultation will begin with a thorough skin assessment, including consideration of lifestyle,diet, skin concerns, pathologies and skin goals. A course of treatment will then be recommended according to your unique requirements and tailored to your age, skin type, any specific issues. We will soothe and calm problems, stimulate and revive your skin to give you natural, glowing results that will roll back the years.

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