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Skin Innovation at our Fingertips!

At The Norup Clinic, we always strive to grow and stay with the latest skin rejuvenation and health innovations. We are delighted to introduce the latest innovation in Skin Biostimulators, combining the power of Polynucleotides with the efficacy of HA, plus the added benefit of an antioxidant effect to defend skin from free radicals.

Let’s discuss what’s so special about these new Biostimulators;

These amazing new Biostimulators contain highly purified polynucleotide matrix which is able to activate processes of skin Bio-regeneration both at the deep level (adipose & bone tissue), and at the level of the dermis (fibroblastic stimulation).

  • PDRNs work over time by stimulating the rejuvenation process and toning tissues.
  • HA reduces wrinkles and skin depressions.
  • Antioxidants, Glutathione defends the skin from free radicals attacks and restores the correct amount of acetylcysteine for proper cellular defence.


So, what are the beneficial effects of PDRN at the dermo-epidermal level?

Hydrating effect – thanks to the ability of the polynucleotide matrixes of binding water and direction it three-dimensionally in the tissue.

Long-term antioxidant effect, thanks to the chemical structure that is able to absorb free radicals by blocking the effects of these carriers at a cellular level.

Stimulating effect at the fibroblastic level: receptor activation increases in the production of collagen type 1.

Important effect – related to the increase both in the number and metabolic activity of fibroblasts, the main cells that preside over the continuous renewing of several dermal components.

The beneficial effects of PDRN at a deep level:

The action of nucleotides in deep tissue is particularly important when analyzing tissue ageing. It activates the right receptors that promote a lipogenic effect.

As you can see in the image below, as we age, the deep fat layers are reduced with relative sliding of the superficial tissues that lose the support of an adipose base.

PDRN face

Within the range of Biostimulators containing Polynucleotiode matrix, we want to focus on the following 3 new stars in the range.


The power of Polynucleotides combined with the efficacy of hyaluronic acid. A Biorestructuring solution with a slight plumping, lifting and regenerating action.

  • High concentration of (PDRN) – work over time by toning tissues and stimulating the rejuvenation process.
  • Slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid in a low concentration – reduces wrinkles and skin depressions.
  • Glutathione – defends the skin from free radicals and restores the amount of acetyl cystine for proper cellular defence.

This solution is less concentrated with lower density than the classic stand-alone Polynucleotide syringes, and it is injected superficially with a mesotherapy technique.


Rich PL

Containing (20mg/ml) in a premixed slightly cross-linked HA. (10mg/ml) – This formulation is able to hydrate, restore volumes and stimulate cell production, activating skin fibroblasts and, at the same time, giving a strong immediate volumizing effect.

  • HA content will provide an immediate plumping effect, which after 3-6 months, is substituted by stimulation of long lasting, good, healthy collagen.
  • Glutathione, which defends the skin from free radicals and restores the amount of acetyl cystine for proper cellular defence.

This solution has almost as high a concentration of PLLA as the very well-known Sculptra, without the complications associated with Sculptra. Rich PL is already premixed and in stable form, making it safer for practitioners to use and therefore, preventing complications. A full 10 ml vial offers 200mg of PLLA, whilst Sculptra only contains 150mg per vial.

This treatment is injected much deeper under the skin or bone using a cannula.


NucleoRich PL System

This formulation is unique in that it involves all three components, combining Polynucleotides, HA, PLLA and Glutathione. It has the ability to target at the molecular bio-restructuring level and at the tissue level with a consequent lifting effect.

The components are injected separately over alternating weeks. The outcome provides the benefits of both NucleoSkin and Rich PL in one system.

*Volume and frequency will depend on age and skin quality.

NucleoRich PL System

At The Norup Clinic, we remain committed to skin-sustainable treatments.

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