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Thread Vein Removal

Thread Veins Erased Easily

Thread, red, spider or ‘broken’ veins on the face are a very common issue for all genders, and all ages.

What are thread veins?

Veins and fine blood vessels (capillaries) carry blood to every organ in the body including to the skin, delivering hydration, nutrients, and oxygen. When these blood vessels are damaged, break, or become closer to the skin’s surface, then redness and red veins are the result.

Appearance can vary from a single but obvious red spot with lines radiating outwards – aka the common or garden spider vein. To the rosy cheeked effect caused by rosacea, where many tiny blood vessels (capillaries) are lying near the surface of the skin creating a distinctive reddish haze. To anything from fine, to very pronounced, veins around the nostrils.

Whilst harmless, they can be unsightly, unwanted e.g. creating the effect of blushing or be diminishing to an otherwise clear complexion. Quite often our clients complain of a single red spot that they are conscious of that is impossible to remove using off the shelf products, or fully cover with make-up. At other times, the ‘flushed’ effect is the key point of concern.

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Causes of facial red veins

Natural causes are exposure to strong sunlight, cold, wind, and the extremes of the elements. Other causes include changes in hormones such as pregnancy or the menopause, and the ageing process generally. Both acne and rosacea can lead to broken veins, causing redness and flushing, and finally, excessive alcohol consumption is a known aggravator or this problem.

The solution

We have treatments available to address all degrees of red veins found on the face. Whilst some cases will benefit from a course of IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment, others can be easily removed using a Diode Laser. With pinpoint precision the Diode Laser is applied to each vein, causing it to break down and collapse. The resulting unwanted cells are then reabsorbed into the body. The treatment is completely safe, painless, and highly effective.

Your Treatment

Your treatment begins with a consultation to assess the extent of the condition and determine the best course of action. This will immediately be followed by the first session of treatment and further sessions may be required according to the severity or extent of the broken veins.

Treatment is swift and results are seen quickly. The treatment may produce some general redness initially due to the heat generated by the laser, but this will recede leaving clear skin or certainly a much-reduced appearance, subject to the degree of treatment required and the area of the face.

Larger blood vessels such as those sometimes found on the nose may return and require further treatment periodically. For rosy cheeks and spider veins a single or brief course of treatment is often all that is required.

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