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Menopause, Energy & NAD+

Functional Medicine

How restoring NAD+ can help counteract so many of the 48 symptoms of menopause..

The loss of oestrogen during menopause occurs at the time in a woman’s life where she is also experiencing a rapid decline in NAD+ levels, creating a ‘perfect storm’ within cells that accelerates the cellular ageing process.

A recent study which measured the biological age of women as they transitioned from perimenopause into menopause found that a woman’s biological age can increase by 9 years in just 6 months during this life period, indicating the importance of hormones in regulating biological age.

Another study of 2000 women found that the rate of biological ageing can actually double during menopause, with some women experiencing a biological age increase of 20 years during this period.

As NAD+ is critical for many cellular reactions, particularly energy production and cellular repair, increasing NAD+ levels during the menopause transition may help counteract some of the negative effects of oestrogen decline.

This is where Dr Norup recommends Nuchido Time+

Described as ‘Time in a Bottle’, Nuchido Time+ is a powerful food supplement that boosts NAD+ by supporting the cell’s ability to make NAD+ in an effective, efficient and sustainable way.


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