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Skin Bio-stimulators

Skin Bio-stimulators

Part I in our NEW PROTOCOL Series

The Norup Clinic introduces Skin Bio-stimulators

We can now consciously maintain and restore skin health by intelligently targeting and stimulating the skin inside out without downtime or damage.

I am sure you’ve heard about Skin Bio-stimulators more than once, and you’re not alone. These innovative new treatments are revolutionising the approach to skin rejuvenation that we are incredibly passionate about.

Bio-stimulation delivers elasticity to sagging skin while reducing lines and wrinkles.

Skin Bio-stimulators

How can we stimulate the skin?

We can do this by applying Potent skincare, injecting biomimetic compounds (bio-stimulators), or applying new and more intelligent peels.

Bio-stimulators only rejuvenate; they do not volumise or target pathologies such as rosacea, acne and pigmentation. However, you will see improvement indirectly due to the upgraded health and strength of the skin.

We previously introduced the PRX T33 bio-stimulator peel, and many of you will have experienced the fantastic results that this particular peel delivers. NOW after much research and testing, we have introduced three new injectable Bio-stimulators, Nucleofill, Sunekos and Jalupro, which are now part of the injectable Bio-stimulators offered in-clinic along with the very well-known Profhilo.

Want to know more? In our next newsletter, we will share a deeper view of the new Bio-stimulators.

Bio-stimulation directly upgrades the skin’s own factory cells to authentically produce healthy and sustainable collagen, elastin and hydration.

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