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skin bio-stimulation packages

Bio-stimulation packages

Part III in our NEW PROTOCOL Series

The Norup Clinic has identified the ultimate Bio-Stimulation packages for you!

Skin Bio-stimulation is an area with many recent innovations, which is why we spend so much time studying and researching appropriate options to offer our patients.

Each product comprises different, effective and important components to maintain and restore healthy skin:

  • Nucleofill provides a source of stem cells
  • Jalupro and Sunekos both contain essential amino acid and hyaluronic acid-building components
  • Profhilo contains a well-establish proven hydrator

Our challenge was to identify the optimum combinations of these amazing formulations while allowing us to provide bespoke treatments for your individual skin needs.

We have created REJUVENATION 1 and REJUVENATION 2 as our main courses, together with stand-alone courses that can also be added depending on your skin’s requirements:
“Super” for lifting and tightening or extremely dry skin.
“Eyes/ Lips” for focus on these delicate areas.

*Many of you already enjoy the benefits of Profhilo.  This remains a fantastic treatment for certain indications, so please continue as usual.  Equally, upgrading and incorporating Profhilo into our new programs is possible.

Rejuv 1 - bio-stimulation package for younger skin

Rejuv 2 - bio-stimulation package for mature skin

Bio-stimulation is available in many variations and strengths; Dr Norup will guide and advise you on which combination will work best for YOU and your Skin Health treatment goals.



Treatments and Indications

Nucleofill Medium/Strong/Jalupro HMW/Sunekos 1200
Where: Mid/lower face, jawline and neck/ décolletage & hands.
What: Bio-stimulation, hydration, tightening, contouring and lines.
Nucleofill (Soft)/Touch/Jalupro (Classic)/Sunekos (Performer)
Where: Lips above/below, forehead, neck & décolletage. Eye area.
What: Treatment for crepey skin with fine lines and sagging. Hydration and firming. Eye area: hollowing & dark circles.
Jalutox (combine Jalupro classic with Botulinum toxin)
Where: Forehead, neck, cheeks.
What: For hydration, lines, firming & tightening.
Jalupro (Super Hydro)
Where: Forehead, mid/lower face, jawline/upper neck.
What: Severe skin dehydration and ligament/fascia tightening for lifting.
Sunekos (Cell)
Body cellulite treatment
Sunekos (Body)
Where: Arms, legs, belly.
What: Sagging, scars and stretchmarks.
Profhilo (Face)
Where: Mid, lower face,neck and décolletage
What: Hydration and stimulation. Especially helps sensitive, thin, aged dry skin and Rosacea/psoriasis, eczema.
Profhilo (Body)
Where: Belly, arms, knees, legs, hands, décolletage.
What: Sagging

*Any of these may also be taken as single treatment although the benefits are greatest when taken as a course and maintained through regular intervals.

We look forward to welcoming you at The Norup Clinic.